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First consultation

Calling us for the first time is free of charge. Please ask at the beginning of your personal consultation about costs to be incurred. The maximum fee for a first consultation amounts to 225 EUR (VAT included), but can be much less depending on your personal financial situation. During your first consultation I will tell you my binding initial assessment of your case, a description of your chances and the risks involved, with suggestions on how to proceed further.

My further legal representation will be billed according to the German Reimbursement Law for Lawyers (RVG).

Legal expenses insurance

If you have concluded legal expenses insurance for labour law (Insurance against legal costs for personal and professional actions for people employed), we make a request for reimbursement at from your insurance company. For employees, we recommend a legal expenses insurance. With most out-of-court and judicial labour law disputes, the legal expenses insurance bears the entire lawyer fees and courts fees.



Expert Employment Lawyer

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Legal aid

I would be pleased to advise you with regard to legal aid. When preparing an action before labour court, we check if legal aid comes into consideration due to your personal and financial situation. We also assist you when you apply for legal aid.

Legal representation of companies

When consulting and representing companies, we charge a fixed hourly rate.